Crafty Constructor
Focus on constructability & site situations

Time Traveler
Focus on coordination and analysis

Master Modeler
Focus on visuals and model management

The Program

This program provides high quality training that will sustain throughout the trained professional’s career. More often than not, standard corporate trainings tend to fall flat soon after the professional leaves the classroom and the subject matter expert becomes unavailable.

Digital Pythia’s learning program consists of an efficient and budget-sensitive process that provides fundamental knowledge to anyone enrolled in the group training, plus identifies any trainees who would benefit from advanced skills in visual planning. This selective process is performed via instructor observation and an assessment that has been compiled from data through years of experience from the instructor and global 4D professionals. After the instructor-led training sessions are complete, all trainees will have a complimentary enrollment in weekly coaching for two months.


  1. Fundamental 4D hands-on sessions
  2. One-on-one intensive workshops, subject to assessment
  3. Weekly Technical Coaching

Ready to get started? Book a 20 min Skills Audit on my calendar today. This is a mandatory first step for enrollment to this limited program.

Curious if your team is a good fit for this program?